Business Travel Advice From the Best in the Industry

Are you looking for the best business travel advice of 2017? Well, you've come to the right place. We did the work for you, hand-selecting the cream of the crop. Whether you're booking a hotel or trying to wring the most out of your airline miles, these five blogs offer savvy recommendations--each with their own twist on the industry. Check out our favorite bloggers of the year!

1. Ramsey Qubein

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A travel journalist and contributor to outlets such as AFAR, BBC Worldwide, Fortune and others, Ramsey Qubein knows his stuff. He has traveled to 166 countries, and he logs over 350,000 miles per year! Some of his articles touch on timely topics in the industry, like "How many miles and points are you leaving behind?" (the answer: too many) and "3 New Online Travel Tools to Know Now" (, MileagePlus X, and AwardEx all make the cut). However, Qubein also publishes more cultural pieces, such as this one about the KLM's 98th birthday celebration, and this roundup of the most amazing hotel bathrooms around the world. Follow him on Twitter at @DailyTravelTips to learn more of his tricks of the trade.

2. Points, Miles & Martinis

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Also on our 2017 list is the Points, Miles & Martinis blog from Known for excellent blog posts about topics such as airlines, hotels, car rentals and credit card reward programs, it's no surprise that several of their posts have made our best-of-the-year roster. They offer up useful information on topics you didn't even know existed. Want to learn how to find and book airline mileage runs? Check. What about and avoiding jet lag by taking a daytime flight to Europe? Double check. Points, Miles & Martinis also reviews bucket-list-worthy hotels, like the luxurious Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau in the Bahamas. Want more? You can follow Points, Miles & Martinis on Twitter at @WeeklyFlyer.

3. Road Warriorette

Another blogger, the Road Warriorette, writes specifically for business women. With a decade of business travel experience, Road Warriorette doles out truly useful tips for making your business travel as easy -- and stylish -- as possible. Check out her Twitter account too; she shares practical advice on etiquette and socializing on the road, but all her posts deserve a read (whether you're a woman or not)! Articles like "How to handle disasters when you're on a business trip" and "Strategies for staying healthy during business travel" are applicable to us all.

4. The Reward Boss

For rewards lovers, The Reward Boss is an absolute must-read. His blog (and his Twitter feed) keeps readers abreast of the latest techniques for taking advantage of point- and mile-based rewards systems to travel the world for free. In addition, he covers more general travel topics that are equally as rewarding; get the lowdown on pierogi and placki ziemniaczane, what to do if you get locked in a hotel bathroom, and how to get a Cuban tourist visa.

5. Chris McGinnis

If you’re active on Twitter and have searched for travel tips, odds are that you’ve come across the legendary #TravelSkills Twitter Chat which is hosted by travel bloggers Chris McGinnis and Johnny Jet every Friday (12-1PM EST). Each week highlights a unique travel-related topic and the Twitter community is invited to share travel photos and experiences with fellow travelers. We may be slightly biased, but one of our favorite #TravelSkills topics from this past year was our Upside-sponsored “Business Travel Hacks.” (If you missed our Upside-sponsored #TravelSkills Twitter Chat, you can relive some of the most noteworthy moments thanks to this blog post recap of the hour-long chat.)

After a recent trip to Mexico City, Chris hit the nail on the head in likening the wonderful and cosmopolitan city as “North America’s best-kept travel secret.” For American travelers who forgo business trips to Mexico City due to safety concerns, take Chris’ word and you’ll be glad you did. Consider yourself set for success so long as you follow his advice regarding air, hotels, weather, phone, transportation, eating and drinking, and more. Aren’t you curious why Mexico City is one of his favorite places in the world?

Join the 185,000+ travelers who read TravelSkills every month to discover what other frequent flyers are talking about within the online travel community.

6. Johnny Jet

Co-host of the #TravelSkills Twitter Chat and founder of, John DiScala used to hate flying, but has since transformed into one of the world’s top travel experts. In fact, he was recently dubbed one of Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencers for 2017. From advice on how to enjoy the perfect LAX layover in Manhattan Beach to navigating a quick trip to Tokyo, Johnny Jet has you covered with easy-to-digest guides that you’ll want to reference while on the go. Stay in the loop with travel news you can use by following @JohnnyJet on Twitter.

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Honorable Mention: Amelia App

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If you want more great business travel advice from 2017, do yourself a favor and check out Go Jane Go, the blog behind the Amelia app. Like the app, which connects female business travelers, the blog creates a sense of camaraderie between women who travel. You'll find stories about the ups and downs of life on the road as a woman and learn from like-minded professionals' experiences. You can follow @GoJaneGoApp on Twitter to stay in touch with this great community of female travelers. Who knows? You could be clinking wine glasses or exploring a new city with new friends in no time.

What standout blogger or noteworthy business travel articles captivated your attention this year? Share with fellow business travelers in the comments below!