5 Surefire Ways to Get Work Done While Traveling

Being on the road doesn't have to be a speed bump to your productivity. In fact, when you're out of the office you may enjoy fewer interruptions and a bit more freedom. Here are four ways to ensure that you can make progress on your most important projects while you're on a business trip.

1. Bring WiFi Wherever You Go

You won't be able to rely on accessing WiFi in every airport, hotel, coffee shop or meeting space while you're traveling. Free internet access is bound to be unavailable at some point in your journey. To ensure that you're always connected, buy a WiFi hotspot (or enable the hotspot feature on your phone). This also allows you to stay online without logging into public internet networks, which are less secure.

2. Become a Member at a Coworking Space

Convince your employer to invest in a membership at coworking spaces in major cities. This will allow you to drop into an office during long layovers and have access to printers, copy machines and free coffee. Need a coworking spot recommendation? Check out our favorite remote work spots in each city here.

3. Create a Work-friendly Playlist

Maybe you're most productive when you're listening to your favorite podcast, or perhaps your classic rock playlist helps you zone out distractions. For those times when you're forced to work from a busy airport, having a productivity playlist on hand will help you stay on track. Need some recommendations? Check out our favorite playlists here.

4. Use Productivity Apps

From Skype to Evernote, productivity apps are a major asset to business travelers on the road. Make sure your devices are equipped with everything you'll need to stay in touch before you leave for your business trip. You can access many apps, including Evernote, while you're offline, so you can keep working on your flight even if internet is not available.

Staying on top of your schedule while you're traveling helps you avoid walking into a barrage of emails upon your return to the office. Whether you're killing time during a layover or finalizing a presentation in your hotel lobby, there is no reason you can't get work done on a business trip.

5. Pack Your Bose Soundlink II Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re working in an office or in a coworking space, you’ll want to respect those around you by listening to your favorite music through your Bose Soundlink II wireless headphones. We recommend these playlists and podcasts to keep you motivated and focused.

What recommendations are missing from the list above? Share your favorite productivity tips in the comments below.