5 Reasons Why The Time New York Hotel Should Be Your #1 Pick For Your NYC Business Travel

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in New York City - one of my favorite cities in the world! Upside Business Travel generously put me up for a two-night stay at The Time New York Hotel which is one of their priority partner hotels. While I typically do not pick Times Square as a destination when I visit NYC (maybe due to living there for 10 years), once I stepped into the front door I would have never known that I was in the tourist mecca of the world. I'd describe the hotel as swanky and modern but still very tactful. The room set up was perfect and designed well for any type of traveler, especially a business traveler.

So here are my 5 reasons why The Time New York should be a top contender when looking for a hotel in New York City!

1. I heard no outside noise!

When I was inside my hotel room, I heard absolutely no noise from the outside! This is definitely a rarity in New York City and something that was extremely attractive for this hotel. I was actually originally nervous to stay in Times Square. I was nervous that the hustle and bustle of Times Square was going to disturb my sleep - and getting a good night sleep is something that is very important to me! Fortunately, I heard nothing at all! I had the opportunity to sleep through the night and even sleep in. The hotel faces the street and not the avenue, which is helpful, but you can tell they definitely invested in some good sound proofing windows.

2. You do not need to go outside for an amazing breakfast.

The hotel is right above Serafina and there is an entrance from inside the hotel right into the restaurant. When I lived in New York City I was a big fan of Serafina, so I was happy to have breakfast there both mornings. It was a pretty cold weekend when I was in the city and the wind was brutal, so I was very content to not have to leave the hotel first thing in the morning. You can also charge the bill to your room which I liked.

The pancakes there are also out of this world. I really do not think I've had better pancakes in my entire life. I highly suggest ordering them!

3. There are a ton of outlets throughout the room.

When I travel for business or pleasure one thing I always need are strategically placed outlets (and a lot of them!). I loved that there were outlets right next to the bed and that they even had another multi-plug plugged in. This allowed me to plug in my phone, tablet, and computer right next to me. I've stayed in many hotels in New York City and the older hotels always require me to either move the bed to reach a hidden outlet, or keep my electronics on a bench or desk far away from the bed.

4. The heating unit was updated!

This is huge for me since one of my biggest pet peeves of staying in hotels (especially in New York City) is that I am constantly woken up throughout the night due to the loud cranking of heating unit pipes. There was absolutely no pipes banging together and I was able to get a nice sleep!

I also like that the heating unit allowed me to control my own temperature. I was able to set the exact temperature I wanted and was not limited to just low, medium, or high.

5. A great lounge/bar area to hang out at.

The hotel has a great "hanging out" area where you can meet up with friends, co-workers, or travel companions within the hotel walls. It is the perfect space to get a bite to eat and a drink, or to even sit at one of the tables and do some work. Unfortunately, even after a long day of work, I typically need to jump back on my computer at night so being able to do that outside of the hotel room but within the actual hotel is ideal. Especially with a cocktail by my side!

Score Some Upside Swag!

Since The Time New York is one of Upside's priority partner hotels, they had some awesome swag waiting for me in the hotel room.

I walked into the room to see a glitzy Upside sign and hundreds of dollars worth of useful items. I was given a State backpack filled with a ton of goodies necessary for a business traveler. This included Apple AirPods, a lint brush, Tide To Go stain remover, and snacks!

They also had an Upside-branded logo blanket and bathrobe. A few lucky Upside business travelers who stay at this hotel will also score at least $100 in gift cards as well as these awesome swag bonuses! Fingers crossed you are put in the Upside-branded room upon check-in!

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Disclosure: Upside paid for my two night stay at The Time New York Hotel, but all opinions presented in this post are my own.