Two Women Road Warriors Talk 10 Travel Tips

Kate Nichols and Ellen Saksen, the founders of the business travel community for women, Go Jane Go, have logged hundreds of thousands of business travel miles between them for venerated brands like L’Oreal, Colgate-Palmolive, and Red Bull. Here are their top 10 practical and easy suggestions compiled just for Upside that they’ve implemented over the last 20 years to make business travel better.

Kate's Top 5

1. Embrace the Scarf Blanket

You know those oversized scarves that are basically wraps? Regardless of season, I can:

  • Roll it up and make it a lumbar pillow or a neck pillow
  • Use it as an actual blanket for cold planes
  • Use it as a scarf or wrap depending on where you’re landing or for cold planes – and look elegant and stylish

2. Red lipstick is for everyone

Why? You never know when you're going to have to meet coworkers for a drink after work, or give a last minute presentation. No matter what you're wearing or how your face looks (see: dehydration while flying), red lipstick and hair up always makes me feel like I'm ready to go. I use MAC Patentpolish lip pencil exclusively - my favorite color is Sultana.

3. Nut Butter Packets (we like Justin’s Almond) For The Win

Ever check into a hotel at midnight in the middle of Columbus, Indiana? Most hotels have either oatmeal or pretzels in their "snack" bars, both of which can be turned into a semi-filling dinner in a pinch if you have almond butter packets. Just squeeze into hot oatmeal or spread onto crackers.

4. Hand Sanitizer for the “ew” moments (wipes for my suitcase and squeezable for my carry-on)

Why? Soooooo many reasons: plane bathrooms, Uber back seats, hotel room remote controls, my cell phone, ew, ew, ew.

5. Aromatherapy Shower Tabs are Gloooorious

I learned this one from my sister Ellen. These are the most underrated product for biz travel on the market. Pop one on the floor of your hotel shower while you shower and it’s like you’re in the spa and you can feel human again after that bumpy red-eye. I love Aura Cacia.

What I NEVER leave home without: Sour Gummies, preferably Black Forest. They’re like my security blanket in the air and in sad hotel rooms.

Ellen's Top 5

1. You’re Getting Me All Misty-Eyed

Once when I was on a transatlantic flight to Germany, upon landing the woman in front of misted herself with a magical grapefruit/mint/cucumber spray. I took on the blowback but it instantly helped me shake off the 7 hours in the air and feel fresh again. It’s my tiny miracle in a bottle. I like the Origins Gloomaway Mist and the Aura Cacia Yoga Mist.

2. Poncho with Punch

I’m always freezing, and even more so on planes and trains. I bought a stylish poncho made of heavy sweatshirt material in a neutral color and I wear it EVERYWHERE in transit. It’s like traveling in your “comfy pants.” Judging by how many people ask me where I got it, I’m not the only one who knows it’s the perfect mix of comfort and style. I found it at Uptown Sweats.

3. A Little White Lie That Works

Ever forget your charger? Yeah – you and a zillion other people. If you do, simply go to hotel desk and say; “I was here last month and left my phone charger in my room. I don’t suppose you keep those around?” They will likely present you with a box of the things and you can usually find one to match your gadget. There, I just saved you $15 and a trip to the drugstore!

4. Business Traveler’s Magic Juice

My sister Kate turned me on to the virtue of traveling with Vitamin C packets. I’ve just gotten in the habit of emptying them into water bottles as I travel, whether in the boarding area or at conferences, and I swear I haven’t gotten sick on business travel since the infamous double food poisoning of 2004 at the Detroit Auto Show.

5. This Bear Don’t Hibernate

I tend to worry about my digital privacy especially since I’m often killing time by working in cafes with open WiFi. I found TunnelBear which gets me my own VPN I can turn on BEFORE I log into a public WiFi – so I know all the photos of my kids I should have moved AGES ago are protected. Along with all my IP.

What I never leave home without: a few small Dove chocolates. I won’t eat the pastries at the board meeting but I will have a cup of mediocre boardroom coffee and a small gift of chocolate.

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