Unleash Your Business Travel Power with AMORNO's Travel Adapter & USB Charger

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Everyone who travels...and I mean everyone...has a device or three (or more!) to plug in and charge. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, camera, wireless headphones, drone, or ANY battery operated device, at some point, it’s going to need the juice. Traveling with a pile of chargers is no fun, and even less fun is finding somewhere to plug them all in, once in your hotel room!

Private note to hotels: “Please include as few wall power outlets as possible in your hotel rooms, and please be sure to cover the few that you have with the bed, couch, or other heavy furniture. Thanks!! — signed, no business traveler ever.”

And then of course, for those of us that travel internationally, we need a bag full of international adapters for each of our chargers. Yikes.

But I recently found a little device that solves ALL of these problems at once. It’s a SINGLE wall-plug that includes four USB charging ports, one USB-C charging port, and a regular plug for your laptop charger or anything else. Why do you need that last one? Because this device also is an international adapter, with plug configurations for North America, Europe, UK and Australian style outlets. So when that round-the-world business trip takes you from San Francisco to Singapore to New York City, you have just ONE little power block to carry. It’s protected by a fuse, and even includes a backup fuse in the event some shoddy wiring pops your power.

The manufacturer is AMORNO, and it’s under $30 on Amazon.com. I was so excited by it that I created a little video to show it off. While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe and check out some of my other videos!

If you decide to get one, I’d appreciate it if you used my affiliate link— and of course when you book that next business trip to take this adapter on, be sure to book at upside.com and use my referral code PHOTOJOSEPH to earn at least $100 in gift card rewards.

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