19 Podcasts That Will Make Your Commute Awesome

Your business commute can be a frustrating process filled with traffic jams, road rage and all the other unpleasantness associated with rush hour. It doesn't have to be that way. Make the most of the time you spend getting to work or a client site by listening to these awesome podcasts on your Bose Soundlink II Wireless Headphones.

Professional Development

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips helps you improve your written and verbal communication skills by going over all those difficult rules that the English language uses to trip people up.

Copyblogger FM primarily focuses on blogging and content marketing, but it benefits anyone who finds themselves writing at some point during their career.

Personal Development

You Look Nice Today helps you answer modern etiquette dilemmas, which can come in handy during difficult meetings or problems with co-workers.

German Survival Phrases is a remarkably fun way to learn the most important phrases you'll need to manage a business trip to Germany.

Beyond the To-Do List gives you a different perspective on productivity, which can improve your personal and professional life.


Startups for the Rest of Us focuses on the startup industry outside the big name movers and shakers that get millions in funding.

Smart Passive Income shows you many ways of developing passive income streams to supplement your income and help you move toward financial independence.


Seeking Wisdom covers many business topics, so it makes a great variety show no matter what industry you're in.

The Tim Ferriss Show is the podcast of the famous author who wrote "The 4-Hour Workweek." You'll get many insights into working more productively, growing in your career and starting businesses on your own.

Manager Tools is the perfect pick if you want a podcast that covers the nitty gritty of being a manager.


Good Job, Brain! is an entertaining show that helps you grow your knowledge base. If you have problems making small talk, this podcast will expand your conversation topics.

Fresh Air NPR delivers a variety of informative shows and interviews that always make you feel sad when your commute ends.

Radiolab Shorts is a radio show that covers many obscure topics in depth, giving you insight into all the strange things that are out there in the world.

Reply All covers internet culture, technology and other related happenings. If you work for an internet-focused company, this podcast helps you stay on top of the latest trends.


Splendid Table helps you up your cooking game, with many tips that can turn your packed lunch from bleh to the best.

Radio Headspace can turn your commute from stressful to peaceful, putting you in the right mindset to head into the office.


Freakonomics answers all the pressing questions you might have about personal finance in a relatable way.

Planet Money is a podcast that educates you about economics and how it impacts the world around you.


Social Media Marketing Podcast lets you get the most out of your professional social media presence by teaching you the ins and outs of getting noticed and engaging with your audience.

What podcasts do you listen to on your way into work? Share your recommendations in the comments below!