Best Spotify Playlists for Productivity

Overly talkative co-workers, loud remote work locations and other situations that aren't ideal can cut into your productivity. When you have to nail your deadlines during business travel, music is a big help for meeting your goals. You probably aren't carrying around your full music library when you're on the road, but you don't have to. With your new Bose Soundlink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones, in hand and the Spotify app, you’ll have access to streaming productivity playlists that are perfect for fueling your work sessions.

Get Your Morning Started Right

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, nothing is going to go right. Set your alarm so it kicks off this soothing playlist, filled with nature sounds that make you feel like you're walking through a peaceful forest rather than heading out into the middle of rush hour.

Drown Out the Endless Gossip of Your Co-Workers

You don't care about the drama the office gossip has manufactured this week, so you need something that's sure to drown it out. This white noise playlist offers soundscapes with tones that work their noise-cancelling magic on the loud office environment around you.

Stay on Pace in the Face of Tight Deadlines

The Pomodoro time management method uses a sequence of 25-minute work periods, followed by five-minute breaks, with a 15-minute break every fourth cycle. Trying to adjust a timer for this tactic is a pain, but you don't have to when you load up this Pomodoro playlist.

Find Motivation From an Unusual Source

Stuck in an airport waiting on your flight for a big business meeting? Use this playlist to tune out all the noise and stay focused.

Music is a great way to get through the workday and remain as productive as possible, even when you're traveling for business. Try out a few of these playlists with your new Bose Soundlink Wireless Headphones when you book your first trip with Upside.

Do you have a productivity playlist missing from the list above? Share your playlist recommendations with fellow business travelers in the comments below!