If your business takes you to Belgium, you may expect the sweet scent of waffles to tempt you around every corner. Yet, despite the country’s namesake confection, cities like Brussels are swimming in fine dining and a variety of fare. Some of the best meeting venues in Brussels happen to be restaurants fit for impressing even the most discerning of your clients. From private rooms to open high-end restaurants, here are some of the best places to do business over lunch or dinner in Brussels.

La Villa in the Sky

If you want to impress your client with classic taste and an unparalleled experience, take them to this restaurant in the clouds. Towering 120 meters (394 feet) above Brussels and encased in tall glass windows, the restaurant offers sweeping views of the city. The menus have been curated by Michelin-starred chef Alexandre Dionisio, and the artistry of each plate will leave an impression. Bring your clients here to close a big deal when you’re ready to spend some serious cash on a fine meal.


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If you want to treat your client to a taste of the Mediterranean in western Europe, try this Greek restaurant with a bright dining room and excellent reputation. While the food is more than casual, the environment is a bit more laid back. The venue is a great choice for business meetings in Brussels that call for a more relaxed atmosphere and still serves high-end fare. The venue also has a fantastic wine pairing selection.


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If your business trip to Brussels includes meeting with a vegetarian or health-conscious client, make a reservation at SAN. This bright, quaint restaurant in a garden setting offers healthy bowls full of fresh and natural ingredients. While you wait for your food in the colorful dining room you can watch the chef at work, and the restaurant has a quiet upstairs are that offers more privacy. This venue is good for casual conversations and a quiet lunch.


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Victor Restaurant

If your business trip to Brussels is a short one, it may be easiest to meet your client right inside a hotel. Fortunately, some of the best meeting places in Brussels include fine dining in the lobby of contemporary accommodations. The Victor Restaurant is inside the four-star Pullman Brussels Centre Midi. The eatery pairs fine cuisine with fantastic wine, and they also have vegetarian and salt-free menus.


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Comme Chez Soi

Need a private room for confidential negotiations? You don’t have to sacrifice proximity to a chef-run kitchen and impressive service. Book a private room at Comme Chez Soi, where the private rooms are elegant and air-conditioned. Once you’re settled in, discuss your pitch over plates of wild salmon, fresh herbs, Belgian strawberries and more.


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