You never know when you’ll have to put in a few hours at work. When visiting Orlando for business, you need to know where to find free WiFi and plenty of power outlets, at any hour. Thankfully, “O-Town” is home to many businesses and public spaces that can meet the needs of any business traveler.


Canvs (pronounced “Canvas”) is a nonprofit Orlando coworking space designed for tech startups. While most of Canvs’ business model is centered on memberships, its Downtown Orlando location provides a desk, outlets and network access for a $25 per day drop-in fee. If you have a client meeting in Orlando, Canvs rents out conference rooms, as well.

The Winter Park Business District

Winter Park has designed its business district with convenience in mind. The whole area has free WiFi coverage, so any Orlando remote worker can settle in and work for up to two hours, no matter the time of day. Catch a bite to eat at a local restaurant or cafe, or bring your laptop or tablet outside and work in the Florida sunshine.

First Watch

First Watch is an all-American cafe in the heart of “The City Beautiful.” Enjoy some of the best breakfast and brunch in town, while you plug in your device and enjoy the cafe’s free WiFi and chill, quirky atmosphere.

Colab Orlando

Colab Orlando is a hip coworking space with a highly enticing day pass for drop-ins. Just $19.99 will get you access to the “lab” working space on Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You’ll also get 30 minutes of conference room time on the day you pay — perfect for a quick client meeting in Orlando.

Orlando International Airport

If you have a layover, you’re in luck. Orlando International Airport offers free WiFi for business travelers. You don’t have to travel far afield to work, and there are plenty of amenities to enjoy while you’re here. Settle in at one of the airport’s many cafes, relax in the lounge or set up camp in the airport’s food court, and get to work!

Cafe Frutos Selectos

Winter Park’s Cafe Frutos Selectos is well-known among Orlando business travelers for its charming atmosphere, flavorful coffee and authentic Latin cuisine. Enjoy this joint’s oddball decor while you grab something to nosh on, and knock out a little work at the same time.

Where have you worked remote in Orlando? Share your recommendations to fellow business travelers below!

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