Washington, D.C. may be known as the capital of the United States, but the city has a noticeable presence of thriving businesses that aren’t related to the nation’s government.

People in Washington, D.C. or primarily the Maryland and Virginia area, can shop and do business with some of the country’s top organizations.

This list is comprised of stellar D.C. leadership teams at medium-sized businesses, informing all that market dominance isn’t a trait solely attributed to large corporations.

1. Hungry

With a central office near Washington, D.C., Hungry is a thriving startup that connects independent chefs with businesses and entrepreneurs in need of premier catering services.

CEO and founder Jeff Grass combines his nearly two years of business building expertise to disrupt the catering industry and provide exceptional meals to clients bored of traditional, unhealthy cuisines.

Grass’ penchant for raising capital for his startups has helped Hungry rise to the forefront of the catering industry, as Hungry recently secured $8 million in a Series A funding round.

2. WhyHotel

WhyHotel is a new type of hotel for consumers. The concept of this business is to transform luxury apartment suites into pop-up suites for leased tenants.

Closing a $20 million Series B funding round, WhyHotel has excelled as an off-the-wall innovation. Jason Fudin, CEO and founder of the company says that the hotel is designed, in which “every space is separate and built for a single-use.”

Fudin’s unique idea, coupled with his brilliant knack for financing and leadership, has WhyHotel as one of the most intriguing resort options in Washington, D.C.

3. Curbio

Curbio serves as a platform where realtors can manage renovation projects and assist homeowners in renovating their own homes to make a profit. This Maryland-based real estate company was founded in 2017 by Matthew Siegal.

With proven experience as an entrepreneur and chief strategy officer, Siegal has transformed this “renovate now, pay when you sell” business model into an extremely successful enterprise for real estate agents and hopeful homebuyers.

4. Symplicity Corp

Symplicity is committed to providing their clients with easy-to-use and innovative solutions that will enable them to improve their results, cultivate productive relationships with their communities, customers, and studies, and streamline important processes.

Headed by Matthew Small, their president, and CEO, Symplicity has achieved remarkable growth in the educational industry. With his strong attention-to-detail and a knack for participating in every aspect of the company’s daily operations, it’s no surprise that Symplicity reigns as one of D.C.’s top companies.

5. DRT Strategies

In 2004, DRT Strategies was founded as a new-age technology and management company. Its business model entails drawing from outsider models to make traditional consulting more effective.

This strategy has allowed the company to deliver top-notch management consulting and IT solutions to federal agencies and commercial clients in technology, financial services, and healthcare industries.

Susan Kidd is the founder and CEO of DRT Strategies and had led the company’s primary direction since 2004. Over 15 years, Kidd’s strong leadership has led to the company’s induction in Inc. 5000, which is a true testament to her ability to grow startups into successful enterprises.


The goal of LGND is to build products and launch ideas. LDNG combines all of the necessary aspects to develop unique digital experiences that inspire change, such as visualization, technology, innovative design, and video services.

Matthew Lockwood, the founder and CEO of the company, has had an interesting rise to the top. He started as a litigation assistant for a New York law firm before working as a special assistant to the president at CalTech.

Lockwood’s crowning achievement was serving as Google’s Chief of Staff on the company’s Google Maps feature. He takes with him a wide variety of experiences from various fields to lead LGND to success.

7. Forum One

Forum One strives to help government agencies and nonprofit organizations extend their influence and make a strong impact on their target audience. The company was founded in 1996, and it’s run by Chris Wolz.

Forum One currently works with over 50 government agencies and has built a strong reputation as a premier digital problem solver. What’s the secret behind their success?

There isn’t one single answer, but Wolz’s leadership plays a great part. With a fascination with how things work, Wolz has spent more than 15 years advising government clients on how to strategically solve their problems.

Wolz’s determination isn’t only present at work. He once rode his bike across the entire country and continues to commute to work with his trusty bicycle at his side.

8. McChrystal Group

McChrystal Group provides management consulting services to all kinds of organizations across the country. Specifically, the company specializes in strategic alignment, leadership development, and organizational analysis.

Chike Aguh serves as the principal of McChrystal Group, bringing several years of leadership development and executive molding under his belt. Aguh has recently served as the CEO of EveryoneOn, a nonprofit organization connecting more than 500,000 low-income Americans to the internet.

9. Reingold

Reingold understands that marketing and communications are both a science and an art. With their massive resources and technology, Reingold works with government agencies to help improve people’s lives.

As executive vice president of Reingold, Barbara Wells is committed to making a positive change in her community and the business world. She brings decades of leadership development and enterprise experience that have been instrumental in leading Reingold to the pinnacle of D.C’s technological industry.

10. Interface Media Group

Interface Media Group provides digital media and media production services. The company is partnered with global brands such as PBS, TVOne, AARP, HBO, and more.

The company is led by Jeff Weingarten, who has served as president and CEO for 30 years. Weingarten graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Radio, Television, and Film, and has nearly 40 years of media-related experience.

Final Words

As you can see, Washington, D.C. is both the capital of the United States and an active hub for exceptional startups. The leadership behind these startups range from experienced veterans in financing and business development to devoted entrepreneurs with a passion for making a change.

Whatever the case may be, these organizations take the cake as D.C.’s rapidly scaling businesses making a tremendous impact.

Which other outstanding organizations and leaders should be added to our list? Share in the comments below.

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