Every $1 spent on travel returns $12.50 revenue – according to Oxford Economics

We’ll repeat that louder for the folks in the back. 

Every $1 spent on travel returns $12.50 revenue.

Business travel is essential to our economy’s recovery and growth, and small businesses like yours are the fabric of that economy. Truthfully, that’s why we created Upside Business Travel. Our belief is that business travel builds companies and careers – and this global pandemic has made that truth all the more clear. 

You may have read other posts about how Upside supports team health and safety, or why Upside’s proven leadership team should give you confidence that Upside is the best solution for your company’s travels…but wait…there’s more.

This post will focus on the savings side of Upside—offering 3 reasons why Upside is a CFO’s dream come true.

Reason #1: Maximize Your ROI

Transform one of your cost centers into a revenue driver. We’ve got access to exclusive deals with travel industry giants and want to share the savings with you. That’s why we never charge a fee. We believe you shouldn’t spend money to book your own travel.

Reason #2: Total Spend Transparency

Gain visibility into your travel spend with reporting that breaks down spending by trip total, traveler, date, and type of trip. Your client success manager is always on deck to help you analyze additional data on where your travel dollars are going.

Reason #3: Smooth Setup

Implementation takes less than 24 hours, so you can onboard travelers, set your policy, and start booking travel all in one day. Our expert travel support team is here to help you and your team with any trip-related questions morning, noon, and night.

Upside offers the tools you need to keep your budget on track. We know travel expenses are typically one of the largest line items for a growing company. We help you map spending to outcomes by showing you where your travel dollars are going:

  • Set travel policy to keep costs down
  • Check real-time spend data on the fly 
  • Manage expenses with ease using our TravelBank and Expensify integrations

Learn more about how Upside is the #1 travel management solution for financial leaders here.

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