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Sometimes it can feel like living two separate lives: we establish travel habits, a tribe of traveling people we see regularly, and a few treasured experiences here and there that we begin to crave when we’re on the road. From a special coffee or snack, to even picking up a frivolous magazine, it sometimes can feel so comfortable when we travel for business, that we almost begin to feel disconnected from our families and friends and homelife.

Some of us travel a few days a week, others a few days a month, and still others may only travel here and there. But no matter how frequently we travel, it’s natural to begin to feel emotionally disconnected from life and loves back home. At Go Jane Go, we get it. That’s why we put together these 5 easy tips for keeping connections to our home lives strong even when we are far away on business.

1. Jot a Note and Stash it in an Easy to Find Location

A quick, 2-second note, to be found later in the day, is a quick, personal way for keeping everyone feeling connected even when apart. Even a heart with a signature message can create that warm, close feeling in those we care about most. Some of us use index cards and others buy tiny note cards, but no matter how crafty we are (or not), the idea of leaving a little something to be found later can be a touchstone during our time away.

2. Create a Group Chat and Text Regularly

This one is so simple that it may not have even occurred to you to do it! Whether we leave 1, 2 or even 5 loved ones when we travel, a group message highlighting a few points in the day can make the day become a shared event, even from 500 miles away. So easy! And it makes everyone in the group feel connected during the course of the day.

3. Just Ask for Something

Especially if you are leaving children for a day or two, this trick can make the time away purposeful. It’s simple: ask for something to be completed, ready for you or even solved, while you are away. Be sure to make it something relatively simple, so that there’s less risk of not completing it. But consider just asking for your loved one to find a book you’re wishing to read, to make your bed for you, or to tell you 3 stories about the day. It can be simple or a little challenging, but the idea is to ask for something during the day that keeps you both on each other’s minds, and of course, to share the completed task or thing.

4. Share a Few Pictures from the Trip

Sometimes we travel to places that seem boring and remote, so we don’t even think to take pictures during the trip. Make a point to take a few pictures along the way to share at home. This succeeds in bringing our stories to a more intimate level, expresses the experience we’re having in more than just words and gives us a common focal point at home.

5. Create Ongoing Touch Points

The expression, no news is good news, simply does not apply here. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Creating ongoing touchpoints during your travel days can help our loved ones at home feel in touch, even if we are not able to speak with each other live. Quick messages, such as “taking off or on the ground” or “home in 60 minutes” builds a feeling of connectedness from far away. It’s a habit that can become another touchstone in a home that is busy, but wants to remain close in heart.

Business travel isn’t always easy for everyone in our lives and homes. These tips are tried and true from business travelers like you, to help keep us feeling close, even when we’re far away from home on business.

How do YOU stay connected to those you care about when you’re on the road? Let us know in the comments below – we could all use some help and good advice when we are on the road!

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