How can travel companies begin to build confidence for travelers again?

While travel is slowly starting to increase, TSA Checkpoint traffic is only about 20% of 2019 levels.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before travelers feel comfortable traveling for leisure or work.

One way travel solutions can do more is by shining a spotlight on important health and safety information within the travel booking experience.
At Upside Business Travel, we’ve integrated flight and hotel health and safety details directly into our platform’s shopping flow. This way customers have access to safety guidelines before they commit to travel.

Flight Health and Safety

When shopping for flights in Upside’s platform, customers can view safety guidelines and precautions before choosing to book a flight. From cleaning protocols to waived change and cancellation fees, it’s easy for travelers to know what to expect in terms of an airline’s health and safety procedures. Plus, this also allows travelers to compare airlines based on their response to COVID-19 with new standards.

Example procedures include:

  • Check-in: Temperature checks and health questions for customers and sanitization of check-in counters and kiosks.
  • Boarding: Cleaning gate areas, health screening questions, and mandatory face coverings.
  • On board: Mandatory face coverings, sanitization of high-touch areas, and additional thorough cleanings when an aircraft overnights.

How do we offer updated flight data?

  • Thanks to Routehappy Rich Content from ATPCO, we’re able to offer important information to help passengers feel safe and protected when they fly.
  • This means we can highlight flight safety information on categories like Clean Air Circulation, Enhanced Cabin Cleaning, Food & Beverage Hygiene, Real-time Health and Safety Responses, Approval of Large Hand Sanitizers, Airport Cleaning, Health Screenings, and more.

Hotel Health and Safety

Just like flight data, hotel health and safety protocol is essential. We’ve added sanitization standards directly on our booking page to help keep travelers informed.

Example hotel procedures include:

  • Protective clothing is available to guests
  • Staff wears protective equipment
  • Social distancing measures are in place
  • Property is cleaned with disinfectant

How do we showcase hotel sanitization standards?

  • Expedia’s EPS Rapid API allows us to show information on new precautions that hotels are taking to protect travelers.
  • This data lets travelers see if masks and gloves are provided to visitors, if free hand sanitizer is available, and the gap period enforced between room stays (like 48 hours), social distancing guidelines and the like.

Expect Even More Robust Information as Airlines and Hotels Update

The information we display in Upside’s shopping experience will continue to update as airlines and hotels make changes to health and safety procedures. Data integrations with RouteHappy and Expedia means that our travelers will always have the most up to date information at their fingertips.

Upside’s Commitment to Travelers

Travelers need confidence that they will be taken care of. As a customer-first company, we want to go above and beyond expectations. We believe these new health and safety capabilities are an important step forward.

As always, feedback from travelers is at the core of what drives our business travel platform’s development, so please leave a comment or visit to let us know what’s important to you.

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