The idea of going from an unmanaged to a managed solution can sound daunting. But take a look at at InnerView Group who went from no process to using Upside—and now 8 out of 10 would recommend Upside to a friend.


As a growing marketing consultancy firm with travelers on the road weekly, InnerView Group’s co-founder was eager to simplify the business travel experience for his team. With everyone using a variety of different sites to book travel, it was next to impossible to keep track of everything.

Managing team travel efficiently and ensuring employees were taken care of became one of the leadership team’s top priorities. That’s why InnerView Group turned to Upside Business Travel.


Centralized Corporate Travel Management Platform: Centralize the process by making it company policy for InnerView team members to sign on and use Upside’s free platform to book travel. By streamlining and centralizing travel processes, leadership at InnerView Group was able to see who was using Upside and track all travel spend.

Travelers Set for Success: Access to an easy to use website, a mobile app, and most importantly 24/7 Navigator support to book all flights, hotels, and rental cars in one place provides InnerView Group with the confidence to let employees book for themselves and extend the same experience to the dozens of contractors they work with.

Easy Expensing Helps Reporting: Leverage Upside’s Expensify integration means that all Upside receipts are automatically forwarded to InnerView Group’s Expensify profile. This offers management access to easily review expense reporting in order to more effectively handle policy and costs.


Now that everyone is on one platform, 69% of trips are booked within the ideal pre-purchase booking window (at least 14 days in advance), which is the best time to book the lowest available rates.

With a 32% increase in the number of Upside accounts in the first year, more and more InnerView Group employees and contractors are finding Upside to be a better alternative for booking company trips.

“As a small business, we feel pretty big being able to offer a full service travel solution to our team. It has made tracking, reporting, and managing business travel so much easier now that all of our employees and contractors are using Upside.”
Aaron Soffer, Partner, Director of Client Journey

Now InnerView’s team spends less time worrying about the ins and outs of their travel arrangements.

Instead, employees focus on doing what they do best: helping companies align their internal brand message and inspire in their employees a sense of belief, confidence, and pride in the promises they are making to their customers.

Here’s a photo of InnerView Group’s Partner and Director of Client Journey, Jon Gaul, at the Taj Mahal during a business trip he booked on Upside.


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