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With almost 75 collective years of business travel under our belts, the team at Go Jane Go has learned a lot about how to navigate the perilous landscape of life on the road. We would like to share some nuggets of wisdom with you, all you fabulous business travelers on the road out there.

1. Invest in noise-canceling headphones. Yes, they are a thing and yes, they work. Your flight happiness is not the responsibility of the screaming 8-month old behind you, or the snoring 80 year old next to you, they’re human.

2. You do however, have the right to be a bit miffed at anyone who eats anything with onions, garlic, cumin or meat on board. There’s nothing worse than boarding a plane and knowing that you are going to be stuck for the next X-hours in hot box of stink. Be kind, choose a granola bar.

3. Try to nab a seat by the window in the pre-flight waiting area. We find watching all the preflight energy exciting and are often still amazed at the size of the plane and logistics involved. Flying can be magical and watching the pre-flight routine can be fun.

4. You may get tempted when folks are eagerly lining up to board the plane. But, your seat isn’t going anywhere! Chill out and relax until YOU’RE ready to board. As a business traveler, you’re probably packing light with a carry-on that doesn’t require overhead space. Rest easy, let the leisure folks duke it out. Enjoy the show.

5. When you jump on the train from check-in to the concourse, DO NOT touch the poles. Lean against them or lean against the wall of the train to brace yourself. We saw the guy in here before you and he was on an epic journey to retrieve something up his nostril. Ew. Your go-to travel essential? Purell.

6. Don’t recline ALL the way, there may be another business traveler behind you. Recline just enough so that when you fall asleep after that day of meetings your head stays put and doesn’t shadow-box forward.

7. Travel with a reusable water bottle. Most airports have filtered water stations where you can refill any bottle for free. Not only does it help the environment, but it saves you paying $9 for that 12oz bottle at the airport store. Some of our favorites can be found here. Your airport Starbucks may have banned straws, but there’s still lots’o’plastic involved with your drink order. Always bring a reusable water bottle. Win-win!

8. If you’re gonna splurge, splurge on a good pair of shoes to help, not hinder, your sprint to your departure gate when the security line was a mile long and you lost precious time. The Go Jane Go community likes Rothy’s as well as Tieks for women, and recommends Cole Haan and AllBirds for you male road warriors.

9. Find the humor in everything. If you don’t, business travel will eat you alive. When you’re in need of a chuckle, throw it back with a #TBT to Tripp and Tyler’s “Air Travel In Real Life” viral video–because anyone who has spent time on an airplane can relate.

What advice would you want to tell yourself if you could go back in time to your first business trip? Share your words of business travel wisdom in the comments below.

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