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For many business travelers, leaving our beloved pets behind is more stressful than preparing for board meetings. This stress is magnified if a pet is elderly or going through a medical procedure. We polled the Go Jane Go audience and spoke with a popular local pet sitter, McGraw’s Paw LLC.

Here are some tips for finding a pet sitter to care for our four-legged friends while we’re off closing deals across the globe:

1. Ask for Papers

A good pet sitter is likely to be insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates and pet care professionals absolutely must carry liability insurance. You just never know what’s going to happen out there on the road with Rover.

2. Pet CPR and First Aid

Did you know pet CPR was a thing? Because we didn’t but our pet sitter says your pet sitter absolutely should. In addition to preventing choking, she can locate a dog’s pulse, act quickly if the dog stops breathing, and even use gauze to administer a tourniquet. We found these classes – and they’re even online so taking them is a snap!

A good dog walker is well versed in pet first aid. Dunking pills in yogurt, placing drops in ears, or even giving insulin shots can be part of a routine pet visit if the care provider has the right training and experience.

3. Prioritize the Pet

This might seem like it goes without saying, but when choosing a pet sitter, make sure you ask their business philosophy. A pet sitter should keep your pet as close as possible to its routine.

4. Professional Network

Not only should your pet sitter be familiar with emergency vets nearby, a good pet sitter will network with other professionals both to trade best practices and back each other up in the event of illness or other emergency.

5. Hammer Out Details…In Writing

It’s hard to trust someone else to enter your home and interact with your beloved pet while you’re out of town. Insist on an in-person meeting before signing an agreement with a new pet sitter. The agreement should spell out rates and charges but is also your chance to include any medical info, behavior issues, or general info about your pet.

6. Regular Communication

Not all pet sitters will stay overnight in a client’s home, and not all of them can respond to tight schedules, but open communication should be a priority for a pet sitter. A good sitter will send regular photos and text messages to her clients, letting them know about Fido’s temperament, activities, and of course any abnormalities.

7. Check References!

Definitely call up the references a good pet sitter should have on hand before you leave your Labrador.  And we like this set of questions for your potential pet sitter if you want to be extra thorough!

8. Just Ask

If there’s something special you do for your pet, don’t be afraid to ask your pet sitter. Our pet sitter has heard everything. She dresses short-haired dogs in bedazzled, zebra sweaters for walks and even slips jackets onto little dogs without much body fat.

9. Voice Your Fears

The only way a pet sitter can address your worries is if you verbalize them before you leave town. One road warrior was very concerned that her dog would grow anxious without her and would spend the day barking incessantly, bothering the neighbors. Because she told her pet sitter, she took her on additional walks and play dates.

Business travel can be stressful and challenging, for you and your pet. But finding a good pet sitter can lead to happy tails for all involved.

How do you ensure that your pet will get the love and affection it needs while you’re traveling for work? Share your tips for other pet-loving road warriors!

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