The novel coronavirus pandemic has threatened many businesses—from small to large, irrespective of industry. As a business travel company ourselves, we can appreciate how challenging these times are, and we are here to help. 

Everything we do is founded in the belief that business trips build companies and careers. It’s been that way since day one. The global pandemic has thrown us an unique opportunity: how might we build companies and careers when the entire world is staying home? 

We’ve got a few ideas…

1. Restore Confidence

Travelers have always needed the right information at the right time, but COVID has changed what information is most important. Safety was once an “on trip” consideration, it’s now a precursor to purchasing travel. That’s why we’re the first to spotlight health and safety information for each flight or hotel stay right in the booking flow. It’s just one step to restoring confidence to get us all back in the air safely.

2. Contact Congress

To bridge the confidence gap, our Upside CEO and Co-founder Scott Case signed, sealed, and delivered a letter to congress in a joint initiative with our industry peers, TripActions and TravelBank. The message is simple: we need to invest in a national COVID-19 data program, including coordinated testing and tracing across communities, to rebuild confidence and promote safe, informed economic recovery.

3. Dial for Data…and Dollars

$1 spent on travel returns $12.50 in revenue. That means the faster we get back to business travel (and business) the faster we ride the road to economic recovery.

You can help us get you back to travel by contacting your elected officials—here’s how:

  • Call your representative and say:
    “The availability and integrity of infection data is crucial for companies and their travelers to feel confident and safe again. Business travel is a linchpin to our American economy, for every $1 spent on travel a $12.50 return in revenue is seen. I support Upside Business Travel, TripActions, and TravelBank’s letter to congress to support at the federal, state, and local level to offer robust testing and contact tracing in an open format.”
  • Post on social media:
    I support @UpsideTravel, @TripActions, and @travelbankhq in urging the U.S government to support a national testing and tracing program, with standardized data reporting that is available to the public.

    @congressdotgov – Please help to keep us safe as travel picks back up. #BackToBizTravel

Ultimately, we need clear and reliable data about COVID-19 spread. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Visibility of infection data is essential for everyone getting back to business travel. It’s time to bridge the confidence gap.

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