If you’re leading anything right now – especially a team – two things are top of mind: safety and savings. The global pandemic has made it clear that your team’s safety is as important as ever, and your company’s savings are critical to maintaining the runway to get through this great reset.

Chances are your team hasn’t been traveling lately—and if they have it’s likely been for essential business and extremely stressful for everyone involved.

The good news? Upside’s here to help.

The last thing you want is to be unprepared for when your team has to get back to cruising altitude, pulling day turns, or overnighting in your sister-city’s headquarters. Here are 4 ways Upside can and will help your team get back to business—whenever you’re ready.

1. Safety at your fingertips

Travelers get the safety information they need, when they need it right in the booking flow. Upside spotlights health and safety information front and center so travelers know exactly what to expect when it comes to ensuring health and safety on an upcoming trip. Learn more about Upside’s health and safety features.

2. Expert support whenever you need it

UncertaInty is off the charts, so let our customer service experts take as much stress out of traveling as possible. Our Navigators will be at your service day and night by phone, email, or in-app messaging.

3. Total team visibility

Track travelers in real-time, download detailed spend and savings reports, and manage your travelers with ease. Learn more about how a centralized platform can make a difference for your team.

4. Unparalleled savings

Make the most of Upside’s access to exclusive deals with travel industry giants. We’re able to share the savings with you, so we never charge a fee. We believe you should never spend money to book your own travel.

Need a fifth reason to believe Upside Business Travel is the best corporate travel solution for your team? Watch the video below.

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