It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a major impact on how we travel for work, but there are signs that business travel is picking back up again. Traveler health and safety are top of mind for many companies now, as is finding new ways to manage company travel as a whole.

That’s where Upside comes in. Upside’s business travel management platform and team of experts are here to help you manage company travel while keeping your team safe.

Here’s how we do it…

Detailed Trips Dashboard

Upside helps you manage company trips and track trip status from our user-friendly dashboard. Our trips dashboard makes it easy to see which trips are in progress, coming up, cancelled, and completed. Knowing everything about your team’s trips can help you make changes to itineraries or cancel a trip if there are any travel safety concerns for a given destination or timeframe.

You can also filter your trips dashboard by the type of travel your team booked, like flights, hotels, and rental cars, so you can remind individual travelers of your company’s policy for each type of trip. For example, if one of your travelers is taking a flight on their next trip, you can send them a message reminding them to self-quarantine for 14 days after they return.

Trip Notes Provide Useful Insight

Admins can track approvals and understand the reason for a trip by using Upside’s trip notes feature. Anyone who books a trip using Upside can add a note to a reservation. Some companies use it as a way to associate charge codes or departments to a specific trip, but you can also use trip notes to ensure your travel safety protocols are being followed. This may include having your team members add the reason why they booked a trip or include information on who approved a particular trip.

You can download a CSV with all your trip data—including trip notes—so that you can share key information with anyone at your company, even if they don’t have an Upside account.

On-Demand Customer Support

Upside’s Navigators, our on-call team of travel experts, are here to keep your travelers safe and informed every step of the way. Our Upside Navigators are here for your team before, during, and after company trips to help you make changes to your team’s itineraries, cancel trips, and answer any travel-related questions you may have.

It’s easy to get in touch and Upside Navigators are available free of charge. Reach out via chat on or mobile app, send an email to [email protected], or call 855-252-2151.

Navigators are always one step ahead of disruptions, too. They’ll keep you updated on any potential travel impacts that may affect your team’s trips or traveler safety. A Navigator will work with your team to make changes to any Upside trip, meaning someone is looking out for your team at all times.

Your Go-To Client Success Manager

When you sign up with Upside, you’ll get a dedicated client success manager (CSM) to help you get started and make sure you’re getting the most from Upside. Upside CSMs also care about helping you launch a safe corporate travel program at your company.

They can help you understand how the pandemic has affected business travel and provide you with useful resources that shed light on what traveling for work is like now.

One-on-One Travel Policy Consultation

Corporate travel policies are becoming more common in the wake of the pandemic. While companies want to write a policy that focuses on traveler health and safety, many don’t know where to start.

An effective travel policy empowers employees to make good booking decisions, removes ambiguity, and outlines ways to stay safe when traveling for work.

Travel policies answer key questions for those who book or manage business travel, so your team can spend less time figuring out what to book and more time getting work done.

Company admins can easily manage their company’s travel policy within their Upside account. Admins can provide their travelers with guidance on the highest cabin class they can book and the maximum nightly rate for hotel stays. If you need help writing a travel policy for your team, you can always contact your dedicated client success manager for guidance and recommendations.

Ready to learn how Upside can help support your team as business travel picks back up? Learn more about our free Upside business travel management platform.

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