Meet Zeamo: Flexible Fitness Benefits For Your Traveling Team

Through partnerships with fitness corporations in major cities around the world, Zeamo‘s digital platform of gyms makes it seamless for companies to offer their employees access to thousands of clubs when and where they want. Users can explore different plan options then download the Zeamo app on iOS or Android and use their smartphone as a pass to work out.

Working Out Zeamo’s Travel Needs

Between travel for business development and conferences, the small but rapidly growing Zeamo team are on the road more often now that face-to-face time with clients and customers is key.

When Zeamo’s executive team saw the chance to save money and delegate their company travel responsibilities, they decided Upside was the right solution for their growing travel needs.

Savings and Convenience with Upside Corporate

“Working with Upside has been great! Before switching over, I was booking flights and accommodations for each member of our team whenever we traveled. Now, each member of our team is able to book their own travel, while also receiving great rewards! The response has been really positive and it’s lifted a massive administrative burden off of my shoulders.”
Brian Spitler, Chief Operating Officer at Zeamo

Now Brian can rely on custom insights and reports to forecast, benchmark, and breakdown company spend, so there’s one less stressor for Zeamo’s COO to handle. As the person deep in the numbers and finances everyday, Brian finally enjoys time back in his day to focus on other responsibilities. He no longer needs to concern himself with optimizing the team’s scrappy and relatively non-existent travel process thanks to Upside’s unique benefits for small businesses.

Zeamo’s Favorite Upside Features:
1. User-friendly platform that makes booking, managing, and reporting business travel fast and easy
2. No fees, no contracts, no commitments
3. Discounts when travelers package their reservations (i.e. flight + hotel or hotel + rental car)

Happy Travelers = Happy Company

Since rolling out Upside to the entire Zeamo team, coordinating travel has become a seamless and efficient process for everyone involved.

“Traveling with Upside worked very well for us as they gave us details on the flight sent straight to our phones and when one of the team wanted to change her travel times she was able to do so through directly in the Upside app. The security of having the Upside app and team was reassuring for all of us. Plus after just one trip I now have $40 in gift cards.”
Patrick Williams, VP of Global Marketing at Zeamo

Reasons Zeamo’s Traveling Employees Love Upside:
1. Easy to book everything–flights, hotels, rental cars, rideshare–all in one place
2. 24/7 Navigators are always ready to help by chat, call, or email
3. Gift card rewards for smart travel choices that save company money

Growing Together: Upside and Zeamo

As an early adopter of Upside, Zeamo has–and continues–to play a crucial role in sharing feedback and ideas that our team is able to turn into reality via new features and functionalities.

Ready to see if Upside is the perfect travel management solution for your small business?

Visit (or click here) to discover how Upside’s free booking platform can help your team win at business travel.

Be like Zeamo–learn how you can transform the way your team travels for work with Upside.
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