Upside Business TravelEgencia
Cost to use?No – FreeYes – Not shared publicly
Contract?No – No commitmentsYes
Booking fees?NoYes
User-friendly design?YesNo
Ability to book flights, hotel and rental car?YesYes
Can book on behalf of guests and teammates?YesYes
Saved traveler profiles?YesYes
Negotiated airline and hotel fares?YesYes
Shareable itineraries?YesYes
Flight alerts and check-in?YesYes
COVID health and safety data in booking flow?YesInfo not available
Agent support via phone, email, and chat?YesYes
Dedicated client success manager?YesYes
Mobile app?YesYes
Expensify integration?YesYes
Travel and expense reporting?YesYes

Using a travel management company (TMC) can be a game changer for businesses who want to get a better handle on their corporate travel process. Granted it’s not always easy to sort through all of the options to find the right one for your team.

Let’s take a look at how Upside and Egencia compare.

As a large TMC, Egencia is best known for catering to mid-sized global businesses. However, Egencia’s size doesn’t lend itself to quality customer support and quick response times. This pain point is frequently highlighted in online reviews.

On the other hand, Upside prides itself on consistent and efficient customer support for travelers, admins, and everyone involved.

Yes, either option will enable you to book your team’s travel in one place. But, when cost and quality support are on the line, Upside is the clear winner.

With Upside, you get everything you need to set your traveling team up for success. Visit to see all that Upside can do to benefit your team and your business’ bottom line.

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