Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Upside?

Upside is the first online travel service built just for business travelers. Our mission is to make your business trip better, from beginning to end. We show you the lowest prices, best flight times, most convenient hotels. And then you pick everything: the airline, hotel, and rental car. And if you buy two or more things together as a package, you’ll pay even less.

The best part? Our customer service “Navigators” are with you every step of the way, providing unparalleled customer service for whatever you need. Just use the Upside app or call us while you travel, and one of our super helpful Navigators will be there for you by voice, chat, or email, whichever you prefer.

Who can use Upside?

We created Upside for business travelers, specifically business travelers who don’t have access to big corporate discounts or internal travel departments. We think it’s time someone thought about you and gave you the treatment you deserve. That’s why we’re here: to provide you with fast and easy booking, great prices, fantastic service, and best of all, people who know what you go through. You deserve a better business trip, and we’ll do everything humanly possible to make that happen.

What kind of travel can I buy through Upside?

You can purchase the travel reservations you need as a business traveler: air, hotel, and rental car. And, remember, if you buy two or more things together for a single price, you can save even more.

We serve all domestic business destinations and over 200 international destinations—and the list is growing regularly.

Does Upside offer One Way and Multi City Flights?

Yes, and yes! When you choose your flights, you have the option to select both one way and multi-city flight reservations. For even more savings, consider adding a hotel or rental car reservation to your multi-city flight reservation.

What is the benefit of using Upside?

Built for small-to-medium sized businesses, Upside offers the best travel prices, unbelievable customer service, super easy booking all in one place, and doesn’t charge you a dime, lock you into a contract, or require special software.


Here’s what Upside has to offer:

  1. You get best available prices
  2. You pay $0 booking fees
  3. You sign no contracts and commit to no minimums
  4. You get business quality service at no extra cost

How can Upside afford to give low prices, great rewards, and excellent customer service?

We negotiate deals with suppliers and offer discounts on bundled packages. While we’re not able to undercut the airlines and sell flights at lower prices than they’re offering for flight alone or hotel alone, we are able to mask prices through bundled packages.

What prices can I expect when I purchase my business travel parts individually?

When you buy your flights, hotel rooms, or car rental services individually (“just a flight” or “just a hotel room”), you will pay the same low price as you would find on any other major travel website or from the supplier’s site directly.

How do we know our prices are the same as other major sellers?

We access the same pricing and inventory databases that other sellers use and audit our prices regularly. For flights, on a daily basis, we compare our prices to what’s shown on Google Flights, and our prices are equal to (and, at times, better than) Google Flights 98% of the time.

What prices can I expect when I purchase my business travel as a package?

If you buy two or more services for a single, package price (you still choose the exact flights and hotel you want), you will pay less than what you would have paid if you bought the services individually.

Will I receive a receipt for my purchase, and what will it include?

Of course. After you make a purchase, we will email you a receipt that lists your flight, hotel, and rental car itinerary, total cost, plus taxes and service fees.

When will I receive my gift cards?

Any gift card reward you earn will be added to your account 72 hours after completing your trip. Just log into your account and go to your Gift Card Hub.

What are Navigators?

Upside Navigators are our superior customer support team who are always ready to help. As experts in business travel, they know what you’re going through and the challenges you face. They’ll even reach out to you to prevent problems before they happen. Lousy weather? They’ll figure out how to get you around it. Cancelled flight? They’ll find alternatives and let you know immediately. They might even delight you with little surprises along the way.

Just use the Upside app on your trip, and the Navigators will be there for you by voice, chat, or email. Contact them now at [email protected] or 855-252-2151.

Which airlines, hotels, and rental car companies are available through Upside?

Since Upside was created specifically to meet the demands of business travelers, we include well-known, business-quality airline and hotel brands, plus independent hotels we think you’d like. As a result, we do not offer ultra-low cost airline carriers whose product and fare structure cater to leisure travelers with less stringent needs.

Upside sells all other major name brand air, hotel, and rental car inventory.

Will I still get my miles, credit card points, and hotel points?

Here at Upside, we understand the importance of Airline Miles and Loyalty Points for business travelers. We have worked hard to make these available to our customers. Please see each section below outlining our capabilities:

Airline Miles

When you book your business trip at Upside, you’ll always get the qualifying miles, dollars and segments you would normally receive for booking your flights directly through the airline.  

Credit Card Points

You’ll receive the credit card points you would normally get if you had purchased your travel any other way. However, you may not receive special bonus points that are awarded directly by the airlines or hotels for use of their affinity credit card.

Hotel Points

It depends on the hotel. While some chains automatically reward points for an Upside purchase, some won’t give their customers points if the purchase wasn’t made directly on the hotel website. We have created a way for customers to still receive their hotel loyalty points by selecting rooms designated as “Pay at Hotel.” Selecting this option reserves the specific room for Upside customers and from there, customers pay at the hotel vs. at the time of booking.

Where is Upside located?

The Upside Travel Company, LLC, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with an additional office in Stamford, CT.