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What's your travel flexibility worth?

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Turn small amounts of flexibility on flights and hotels... into 100's of $$ of free Gift Cards on every business trip you buy.

If you travel on business, the excitement is about getting $100 to $200 or more in free Gift Cards to your choice of favorite stores...and saving your company 5-15%. 

How? All it takes is just a little flexibility. For example: Using a different airport could easily be worth $50-$75 in free Gift Cards. Staying in a hotel a few blocks from your meeting could get you $100,  $150... or even more... in free Gift Cards. Your company saves money too!

The excitement is about Upside. We sell flights and rooms in business packages that include free Gift Cards for you and lower prices for your employer. Upside is designed for travelers at small and mid-sized companies whose travel purchases are “self-managed.” On every trip, the Upside app shows you easy ways to be flexible... and what your flexibility is worth in free Gift Cards. Upside Packages include only top-quality airlines and hotels that you pre-approve. You can count on our 24/7 customer service before, during and after your trip. 

It’s easy to turn your flexibility into Gift Cards. It takes just a few minutes to use the Upside phone app to buy your next business trip or do it on our website. Our BETA service launches in about 10 weeks. Want to be one of the first to try Upside? You can. Become an Upside VIP. You’ll get $150 minimum in free Gift Cards every trip this year. Request your VIP Invite while supplies last.

What’s the excitement about? It’s about turning small amounts of travel flexibility into big benefits for you and your company. The more flexible you are, the more free Gift Cards you get... and the more money your company saves. Travel internationally? You can easily double and sometimes triple your free Gift Cards!

Upside: How much is your flexibility worth? 


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